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Saturday, March 25, 2023 • 10:00 AM 

AUCTION VENUE: Sale to be held at the Spillman Event Center - 308 Broadway St., Jamesport, MO 64648


Due to the death of Phil Tate, we will sell the following guns, ammo, gun related items, collectibles and much more at the Spillman Event Center located in Jamesport, MO. (Jamesport is located 82 miles northeast of Kansas City, 65 miles east of St. Joseph or 75 miles west of Kirksville, MO just off Hwy 6.) Auction signs posted sale day!


Doors open at 8:00 AM sharp for viewing. Make plans now to attend this unrivaled one-of-a-kind auction! Mr. Phil Tate spent his lifetime traveling this country attending shows, auctions, and creating friendships with other collectors. He had an amazing knowledge of guns, their history, along with his close friend, Mr. John Mort, who spent many days together enjoying their passion. We, at Teter Auction Company are honored to be able to conduct this auction for the Tate family. This will be a live, onsite auction; additionally, internet bidding will be available prior-to and live during the auction on select items. All local and federal firearm laws will apply and strictly enforced. 

Lunch and restrooms will be available on the grounds. Not responsible for accidents, errors or omissions. All announcements sale day take precedence. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you March 25th for the Phil Tate Estate Collection Auction.


Josh Teter - (660) 734-2111

David May - (660) 973-9523


SHOTGUNS: Including Winchester model 21 Tournament Grade, (12 ga, Side x Side); Winchester model 12 Pigeon Grade trap, (12 ga, pump); Winchester model 12 Black Diamond Trap Grade, (12ga, pump, sells with TWO matching serial numbered barrels, and forearm assemblies, double diamond); Winchester model 12 Black Diamond, (16 ga, pump); Winchester model 12 Black Diamond Trap Grade, (20 ga, pump, sells with ONE matching serial numbered barrel and forearm assembly); Winchester model 12 Skeet, (28 ga, pump); Winchester model 42, (410 ga, pump); Winchester model 1912, (12 ga, pump); Winchester model 12, (20 ga, pump); Lewis & Tomes side lock double barrel, (12ga, Side x Side); Mossberg model 85, (410ga); Winchester model 101 Field 1 Midnight, (12 ga. Over/Under, unfired); Winchester model 50, (20 ga., semi-auto); Franchi “Renaissance” grade-- SpA-Brescia, (12 ga., Over/Under);

RIFLES: Including Ruger model M77 (rechambered cal. 25 Ackley); Springfield 03A3 Action Sporter, (P.O. Ackley rechambered cal. 35 Whelen); Remington model 788, (rebarreled cal. 219 zipper); Springfield Armory-Craig model 1895, (cal. 22 Hornet); Birmingham Small Arms (BSA) model Falling Block, (cal. 17 A & M Bee, Martini action); Winchester model 69, (cal. 22 rimfire, S,L,LR); Winchester model 72, (cal. 22 S,L,LR); Winchester model 67, (cal. 22 S,L,LR); Ruger M77, (cal. 220 Swift); Sturm, Ruger Number 1, (cal. 243 Win); Shilen DGA, (cal. 222 Remington); Remington model 700, (cal. 300 WSM); Robert C. Hart custom, (cal 222, bull barrel); Winchester model 75 Target, (cal. 22 LR, rimfire); Sharps-Borschardt carbine, (cal 50-70); J. Stevens A&T Company, (cal. 25 rimfire, tip up rifle); J. Stevens A&T Company Favorite Deluxe, (cal. 22, LR); Winchester P.O. Ackley Model High Wall, (rechambered to 219 Mashburn Bee); J. Stevens A&T Company Model 44, (cal. 32.40); Winchester model Low Wall Varminter, (cal. 218 Bee); Ballard, (cal. 22 LR); Winchester High Wall, (cal. 219 zipper); Ruger model 10/22, (cal. 22 LR); Winchester model 71 Deluxe, (cal. 348 WCF); Winchester model 9422, (cal. 22 S,L,LR); Marlin model 917V, (cal. 17HMR); Winchester pre 64 model 70 Standard,(PO Ackley rechambered to 338 WIN MAG); Winchester pre 64 model 70 Featherweight, (cal. 30-06 SPRG); Winchester pre 64 model 70 Featherweight custom, (cal. 257 Roberts); Winchester model 54 Super Grade, (cal. Govt 30-06); Winchester model 43, (cal. 22 Hornet); Winchester model 75 Sporter, (cal. 22 LR); Kimber model 82, (cal. 22 LR); Remington model 600, (cal. 250-3000 SAV); RF Sedgley, Springfield-US Govt Model Springfield (conversion to 30.06); Springfield Armory Model 1903 made by Niedner, (cal, 25.06); Springfield Armory-HW Creighton, (cal 7mm Rem Mag), RG Owen-Springfield Armory carbine, (Owens conversion in 30.06); Birmingham (BSA), (cal 222 Rem); Paul Jaeger Model L461, (cal 222 Rem Mag); Griffin and Howe-Springfield Armory model 1903, (cal. 257 Roberts); Flobert, (cal. 22 rimfire); Mossberg, (cal. 22 LR rimfire); Remington model Nylon 66, (cal. 22); Winchester model 1890, (cal. 22 LR rimfire, pump); Winchester model 70XTR featherweight, post 64, (cal. 257 Roberts, unfired); Remington Model XP100 Custom, (cal. 243); BSA Martini Small block Target rifle, (cal.22LR rimfire); Winchester gun stocks (pre-1964, x3); PISTOLS: Including Smith & Wesson model 586-1,(cal. 357 magnum); Smith & Wesson model 27-2, (cal. 357 magnum); Colt (cal. 35 WCF, single six); Smith & Wesson (38 special pistol); Smith & Wesson model 22A-1, (cal. 22 LR); Sturm, Ruger Bearcat, (cal. 22, single six); High Standard SuperMatic Citation, (cal. 22 LR); Smith & Wesson CTG, (38 special double action); Smith & Wesson (32 WCF, double action); J. Stevens A&T Company, Model 22 Tip Up, (cal 22 rimfire, pencil barrel); Colt “Junior”, (cal. 25); Colt Combat Commander, (cal. 45);  Smith and Wesson Combat Trilogy- Models 18-4, 19-3, 29-21. (sells as a set in custom Huey case); Smith & Wesson Pistol model 29-2, (cal. 44 Mag); Smith & Wesson Pistol model 19-3, (cal. 357 Mag); Smith & Wesson Pistol model 18-4, (cal. 22); Ruger New Model single six, (cal. 22, w/ 22 mag cyl); Kimber model Pro Carry II, (cal. 45 ACP); Colt Army, (cal. 45); Smith & Wesson model 60, Stainless, (cal. 38 S&W); Ruger LCP, (cal. 380 auto); MUZZLELOADER: Including Thompson Center Arms Model Aristocrat, (cal. 22-250 rem, RARE TC model); C.H. Beck Model side lock half stock muzzle loader, (cal. 32); Elmer Earnhart bench rest side lock target muzzleloader, (cal. 50); Thompson Center Arms Encore, (cal. 257 Roberts); Savage model 10ML-II muzzleloader, (cal. 50); Thompson Center Arms “Super 14”, (cal. 44 mag); Thompson Center Arms Model Encore 200X, (cal 257 Roberts); Thompson Center Arms barrel, Scout, (cal 50);  Thompson Center Arms Encore barrel, (cal 257 Roberts);  Thompson Center Arms barrel, (cal 30 Herrett); Thompson Center Arms barrel, (cal 357 mag); Thompson Center Arms barrel, (cal 222 Rem); Thompson Center Arms barrel, (cal 22 ); Richard Hoch custom muzzleloader, (cal 58, underhammer action); Rod Gates custom muzzleloader, (cal. 54, unfired); Dean Terry custom muzzleloader pistol, (cal 45); Alvin Berry custom muzzleloader pistol, (cal. 40); Double barreled muzzleloader, (“Hardware gun”, wallhanger); NOTE: All local and federal firearm laws will apply - NO EXCEPTIONS!


A nice run of knives including four RARE Jimmy Lyle handmade knives with early engraved signatures; RARE Randall "Peter Mink" fixed blade hunting knife; Rite Edge "Wilderness Hunter" (x2); K. Richardson #1080 "Bowie knife";  Larry Duvall patch knife; Winchester skinning (x2); Case knives including 0021 Lock-knife (x2), 0055 2-blade (x2), 0123 3-blade (x2), 0192 folding hunter (x2), 177 lock-knife (x2), 22067 2-blade (1986 Davies County "Chautauqua" (x2), Jaguar hunting knife (x2); Timber Rattler TR55, Timber Rattler TR32 (x2); Ridge Runner RR423, RR422, TW103, TW101, TR44, TR60, TW102, Browning, Frost CocoBolo, Elk Ridge ER-034, ER029, plus Schrade, Old Timer, Camillus, others...

Winchester 1901 Standard Model Signal cannon; vintage rubber Winchester recoil pads; pistol grips (x15); Scopes including Lyman 2.5x Alaskan scope, (Note: New in box, never mounted, last year of production was 1957); Unertl 10x Target scope; Leupold SX-1 Ventana Spotting Scope, (stand, hard case); Weaver K-25 scope; Winchester Varmint Master scope attachment, Redfield 12x; Leupold 4x20; plus other Bushnell, Thompson Center scopes; scope mounts; 

Deer antlers including RARE set (shed) R 103-1/8, L 113-2/8, 1988 Davies County, Missouri, others;


AMMO: 45-70, 22-250, 6mm, 257 Roberts, 30-30, 243, 8mm, 222, 357, 38, 218, 243, 9mm, 300wsm, 17, 270, 32-20, 256, 32, 25, 7mm, 45, 38-40, 218 Mash Bee, 218 Bee, 6.5, 30.06, .338, .250, .220 Swift, Shotgun shells 410ga, 28ga, 20ga, 12ga, More! RELOADING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES: RCBS reload press; dies (including 30.06, 7mm, 22-250, 22 Hornet, 257 Roberts, 338win, 222, 7x5.7, 30-30, 25.06, 35, 200 Swift, 357, 45, 270win, 243, 44mag); 310 tool, RCBS powder scales, die trimmers, calipers, load pads, shell holders, bullet pullers, Plus IMR powder, Hogdon powder, lead shot, bullets (38-40, 44mag, 45, 30, 35, 50, 338, 30, 7mm, 270, 17, 22, 17), primers; Wilson bullet seater; Wilson neck dies (338win, 280, 273, 338win mag, others); Brown Case run-out gauge, new and used rifle brass, shotgun brass; AND MUCH MORE! 

Books including 1923 Colt paper catalog; 1924 Smith and Wesson paper catalog; "Reloading Journal" (complete year sets from1970's); "Shooting" magazines (1980's); animal pelts (bobcat, badger, coyote, mink, deer, etc); others

Antique ammo including very old Winchester paper case (paper shells), brass shotgun shells, antique paper shell boxes (Remington, Kleanbore, Peters, others), wooden shell box; come see!

"Preening Mallard" DU decoy; antique Kodak cameras including No. 29 Series III, No. O Kodal, others; A. Thompson RR padlock (with key); wild life prints ("Wild Wings", others); West German Prameta key wind toy car (with key); Schucco microracer; hunting and camping supplies, 3 totes full plus clothing (Camo jackets, pants, coveralls, etc.,20+); hunting boots; sleeping bags; Coleman stove; game cameras (x3); turkey and game calls; Winchester hatchet; hunting blind; more


For additional information or questions contact Teter Auction Company, LLC
Office: 660-963-2461

Auction Venue Location:

Spillman Event Center

308 Broadway St., Jamesport, MO 64648 

Saturday, March 25, 2023 • 10:00 A.M.

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